✿ NOW BOOKING vip days for end of 2022 ✿

Send me your DIY-ed brand or website and receive professional feedback along with suggestions on what you can do to improve.

Design services for past, current, and future clients where I work through your priority list to create cohesively designed collateral for your brand.

A brand design intensive day for the busy entrepreneur. Receive your brand identity design and files in under 24 hours.

Packages designed to meet your every need

Design Intensives for Busy Female Entrepreneurs

Brand design intensive for the quick launches

Investment starts at $875

I know what it means to be a busy business owner, and understand that you might not have the budget for a full-scale project yet. Brand Magic Days are a VIP Design Intensive for you to launch your brand in under 24 hours, without risking the quality of your brand. After booking, you’ll receive brief pre-work assignments, and on the day of your project, we’ll meet for a kick-off call, before I dive heads down and create the brand of your dreams.

Brand Magic Day


+ Pre-Project Assignments
+ Mini Strategy / Kick-Off Call
+ Logo Kit (Primary, Secondary, Submark)
+ 5 Color Palette
+ Social Profile Photos
+ Typography Suite
+ Brand Style Board

what’s included in a brand magic day?

Timeline: 1 Day

Business Owner Bliss

Everything you need, Done in a day

Are you a business owner with a to-do list that never seems to end? With the Business Owner Bliss VIP Package I’ll help you relieve the stress of your ever-growing to-do list. You’ll provide me with a prioritized list and I’ll spend an entire workday solely on your business’s collateral, allowing you to do what you do best, running your business. All you have to do is prioritize your list and prepare to watch your to-do list magically shrink in half.

Investment starts at $750

collateral VIP DAY

Brand & Web Design

+ Basic SEO Setup
+ Launch Graphics
+ Training Videos
+ Copywriting Resources


+ Brand Identity Package
+ Custom Site Design
+ Responsive Design
+ 5(+) Unique Pages

Investment starts at $3500


+ Custom Illustrations + GIFs
+ Social Media Templates
+ Revamping Old Collateral
+ Sticker Design
+ Icon Design
+ Business Card Design
+ Investment Guides
+ PDF Documents

what’s possible with the business owner bliss package?

Timeline: 1 Day


Investment starts at $150

Don’t have the budget, but want a professional opinion? No problem! My low ticket service provides you with expert tips and advice to improve your business’s marketing and visuals on your own. Send me your brand elements and points of concern, and I’ll review your materials before our recorded call. You’ll even receive a call replay link that you can reference to improve your brand moving forward.

1:1 Consulations


Your Ideal Customers
How To Better Attract Them
What You Can Improve
Tips + Tricks Moving Forward

what will we discuss on our consultation call?

>1 Hour CALL

Your pre-work assignments should take you no more than 2 hours max. You’ll have at least one week before your project date to complete these assignments. They’re extremely important to the success of our brief time working together, so be sure to set aside time to complete them!

I only offer web design for full branding clients at this time. Going through the brand strategy and identity phase first, tends to result in a smoother process and better success. If you’re interested in a website, please see my services page to learn more about the available offerings.

A valid question, and highly probable! Depending on the size of your priority list, I may not be able to get through everything during your Business Owner Bliss VIP Day. Before our kickoff meeting, I’ll let you know, realistically, what you can expect me to get done. If you need me to do more for you, you can always book another VIP Day!

During our VIP Day, you are expected to be prompt in responding to emails and be available for any questions or concerns that may arise. If I’m unable to get a hold of you, I won’t be able to complete the assignments for the day. 

Due to the exclusive nature of VIP Days, there is only ONE round of feedback allowed. This is to ensure we can get through everything we need to during our day working together. If something just isn’t clicking, we can meet for a quick brainstorming session. Additional fees apply for additional rounds of feedback.

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