Key Words: Modern, Retro, Feminine, Bold

Project Goals: To create a brand and website experience that matches her personality and dream aesthetic and is also easy to manage on her own.

5 to 9 Socials is a social media manager and Instagram coach that works with small businesses online and in the San Antonio, Texas area. Erin provides Instagram advice to female entrepreneurs to help them nail their content online and spend less time on social media.


5 to 9 Socials

Erin wanted a brand that had a modern retro vibe, but was clean, elegant, and just punchy enough to match her personality.

Inspiration and Direction

erin | owner of 5 to 9 socials

Kylie really focused on getting to know me and my brand and because of this, she created a brand that represents my personality, while still being chic and timeless. I was REALLY struggling with my graphic design before, but she guided me through the process with kindness and empathy. She will be my forever graphic designer for 5 to 9 Socials!

"Kylie is an incredible designer, and I knew immediately that she would create the brand of my dreams."

* Please note that for any web projects, clients may have made some changes to their sites and entire design may not reflect skills of Kylie Buss Design, LLC.

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