Key Words: Minimal, Timeless, Inspiring

Project Goals: To build a strong, minimal, and strategic and cohesive brand with an understanding of how to reach ideal customers.

Jie is a timeless and uncomplicated high-end jewelry brand created to change what it means to invest in yourself. They provide their customers with an easy way to invest in high quality, made to order staples or statement pieces, bringing them confidence and showing them that it’s okay to splurge on yourself once in a while.

Brand IdentitY

Jie Jewelry

The branding for Jie was designed to be very minimal as to let the jewelry take the spotlight. An organic, hand-drawn pattern was created to add a touch of personality to packaging elements.

Inspiration and Direction

* Please note that for any web projects, clients may have made some changes to their sites and entire design may not reflect skills of Kylie Buss Design, LLC.

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