Earlier this year, I was ecstatic when I received an inquiry for a colorful brand identity and website from a photographer whose work I’ve followed for years. Becca isn’t your typical wedding photographer. She has a quirky and fun personality, a bright and vibrant editing style, and a process that is irresistible to her clients.

Check out Becca’s Site Here!

Starting with the Strategy

As with every client, we kicked off our time working together with a strategy session. We discussed all kinds of things, including her competitors – both local and those across the country. We even down to the to the nitty gritty details about her love for a specific manga series.

It took a good chunk of time to sift through all of our notes and breakthroughs, but that’s what made our time working together so successful.

Find a Happy Medium between Sophisticated and Fun

One of the points of concern we discussed right from the beginning was to strategically combine elegance with personality. We opted to use a timeless and elegant serif font with gold foil elements complemented by bright pops of color. With a library of brand patterns and plenty of logo variations, this colorful brand identity turned out to be a great success.

Creating a Personality-Packed Site and Launching!

Once the brand identity portion of the project was complete, we jumped right into the web design portion. Becca’s site is designed in Showit, a great website platform for online service-based businesses. It’s colorful, custom, and an all-around great experience.

Becca’s website was such a breeze to design, not only because of the strategy we discussed and brand elements set in place, but because of Becca’s determination to make it all come together. She opted to work with a copywriter, who does amazing work and invested in a brand photographer that pulled all her brand’s visuals together in a creative way. Without these two women, this project would NOT have been as successful as it was. Since launching Becca has had more bookings and enhanced her business processes, something I want for all my clients.

Check out Becca’s Site Here!

View the Project On the Portfolio

Creating a Colorful Brand Identity and Website for a Vibrant Photographer

Colorful brand identity and web design for wedding photographer


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