If you’re anything like any other entrepreneur out there, you’ve probably been wondering… “How do I actually know when I should work with a brand designer?”

The thing is, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” kind of moment. You won’t suddenly find yourself having the money to invest with nothing else to spend it on. But, it’s important to feel ready before getting started on your journey of finding a designer that’s right for you.

The first sign that you’re ready to work with a brand designer – it’s just not working!

We all know that annoying feeling of trying countless things, but never being able to get it right. More often than not, the feeling of not being able to get it right when it comes to your brand is due to comparison and the inability to break from your comfort zone and create something that truly feels you.

Maybe you’ve DIY-ed your logo, thrown something together in Canva, or simply picked out a font and a couple colors you thought looked nice. Sure, this might work to get you started, but it’s not going to work for you in the long term, and here’s why:

  • A brand identity is the first thing people notice when interacting with your brand. People are drawn to things that are pretty to look at. They’ll notice how you use colors and fonts to evoke a feeling with your brand and will definitely notice any inconsistencies in your marketing.
  • The online business market tends to be oversaturated. There are a lot of online service providers these days, so you want to have a brand and offering that stands out among the competition, more on that next…

Instead of DIY-ing over and over again to get no results, (or even worse.. less results), it’s important to invest in your business’s brand identity so it can start doing some of the heavy lifting for you.

You know you need to stand out in the market, but aren’t sure how to get there.

As we covered previously, the online service industry is becoming increasingly saturated but that doesn’t immediately mean cause for worry! Because of the saturated market, you might start feeling like your brand is looking similar to someone else’s. Sure this could just be your imposter syndrome speaking, but in more cases than not, it tends to not be too far from the truth when you’ve DIY-ed your brand.

Rather than curating your brand to fit what’s trending in your industry, it’s important to create a brand that feels authentic to you and your business. That’s where strategic design approaches come in.

When working with a brand designer, you’ll discover that everything is intentionally designed to fit you and your business, not to fit someone else’s mold. So stop comparing your brand or letting your drab visuals do nothing for your business, and find a designer who can help create the brand you’ve been dreaming of.

You’ll want to work with a brand designer if your business or offerings are shifting

As time goes on, your business priorities and offerings are likely to shift. Maybe you started out as a copywriter, but found that you want it to be more of a side-offering, and would rather focus on coaching. Now you’re in the position where all your logomarks include the tagline “Copywriting” when it’s no longer your main offering. And… you guessed it, it’s time to hire a designer.

If you’re going through a huge pivot in your business, you may think you can quickly just switch out the words in your logomark and marketing collateral. In some cases, this may be the solution, but if you’re completely pivoting, you’ll want to start from scratch. Regardless of the status of your former before-the-business-shift brand, you’ll want to use every piece of marketing to your advantage, starting with revisiting your brand identity and strategy. And trust me, your future self will love you for it.

If you’ve been putting off investing in your business’s brand identity, now’s the time to invest and create the brand you’ve been dreaming of. Send me a message to learn how we can create something magical for your business.

How to Know it’s Time to Work with a Brand Designer

Work with a brand designer


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