As service providers, it can be easy to think you can get away with social media being your only piece of material on the web – especially in today’s digital age. But I’ll be the first to tell you that’s not the case and all the reasons why you should consider investing in a website for your business.

Having a website for your business is essential to running a successful business. When you’re looking to invest in brand photography or looking into working with a CPA, and start your research journey on Instagram do you want it to end there? If I can just take a quick guess, I’m guessing you don’t. Imagine a client is interested in working with you and wants to learn more about your services. You don’t want them to spend countless hours scrolling through your social profiles to sift through every post to find all the info they’re looking for and leave the app confused and overwhelmed.

#1 – It makes you seem more professional and adds credibility

By having a website for your business, you can funnel your audience from all social channels (and through word of mouth) directly to your site. One, cohesive, sales and marketing piece. Your website becomes the star of the show and becomes a living space for clients to discover more about you, your background, and your offerings. It allows site visitors to start to recognize you as an expert at what you do, without ever having to shoot you a message on Instagram first.

Your website establishes your knowledge in your niche and builds the credibility that a customer is desperately searching for when researching service providers. Without a website, you may just miss out on that client connection and the start of the customer journey.

#2 – Having a website for your business helps you connect with your audience and provide value

When making purchase decisions your customers want to feel a connection. They want to get to know you as the person behind your business instead of feeling like they’re talking to a wall.

Your website serves as a storytelling piece for you and your business. Telling your story as a business owner is important for customers to get to know the person behind the screen, but even more important is telling the story of transformation and how you can provide them with results.

You can do this by providing information about the experience working together, or telling them point-blank what they can expect post-investment. Regardless of how you approach storytelling on your website, your clients will feel a deeper connection between you and your business model that just isn’t possible without a site in place.

#3 – It increases your visibility and bookings

Without a website, your business misses out on a huge chunk of Internet users each and every day. In the post-pandemic world, it’s more important now than ever to reach as many people as you can through the use of technology, so don’t put off investing in your business’ site any longer.

When done right, your site can attract even more users without having to lift a finger. You can find SEO (or search engine optimization) experts online with a quick Google Search that can help you optimize your website. SEO works by using keywords and messaging to help your website and business rank higher on the search results page – ultimately leading to more traffic, and more bookings. Why miss out on that?

#4 – Having a website for your business allows you to show proof

On top of making you seem more professional, having a website for your business can literally prove your credibility. Your website is a great place to showcase your portfolio, case studies, and testimonials.

There are tons of ways to display this information through carousels, image grids, blog posts, and more, so get creative! By sharing your past experience and client endorsements, site vistors will take it as a sign of proven success. Being able to show that you’ve successfully completed projects to the satisfaction of previous clients means everything to potential clients.

#5 – It’s just expected.

All in all, having a website for your business is really just the standard. Sure social media does a lot to entice customers these days, but it only goes so far. Do you want your followers to stop at your social profile with nowhere to go? No. So don’t let that happen!

Lead your audience to your website so they can learn more about you, discover your credibility, inquire, and complete the customer journey by booking a successful project with you.

Are you a service provider looking to invest in your website? Look no further!

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Why You Needed a Website for Your Business Like Yesterday

investing in a website for your business


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