Creating a mood board for your brand is one of the most fun aspects of working with a brand designer, but it’s not always easy! It’s not just pinning logos you see that you like on Pinterest. Let’s be honest, that won’t get you anywhere.

Rather, you should be pinning all kinds of images that inspire you within specific categories while thinking “big picture”. Keep reading for my best tips on creating a brand mood board that will ensure a successful project.

Start with Color

Pin 1 – 2 per color/search

Think about the feelings you want your brand to evoke. Are their certain words that come to mind? Certain colors that hold meaning for you or your brand? Start off your Pinterest board by searching keywords that relate to the answers of those questions.

Love pink? Do you like hot pink? Neon pink? Blush? Coral? Get specific! One of my favorite ways to get started with some good pins is by searching something as simple as “Coral pink aesthetic.” Be sure to only one or two images from each search as to keep your board as curated and clutter-free as possible.

Patterns, Textures, and Images

Pin 3–5 in this category

My next suggestion is to look at patterns and textures as you’re pinning. Don’t just pin existing color palettes, but rather, find images that show depth and dimension that truly inspire you. Look for high-contrast images or images with multiple colorways that you love. Maybe you’re inspired by nature and love spending time in the woods or at the beach. Search things like “nature texture” and pin one or two to your board.

As for images, I like to think about a potential brand photoshoot for this one. What does your dream photoshoot look like? Is it editorial? Softer with the trendy motion effect we all love? Add it to your board!

Font and Type Examples

Pin 3–5 in this category

You can’t forget about typography! This is your brand identity after all. Be sure to include at least 3 to 5 pins in this category as fonts play a bigger part in your brand than you realize. Consider whether you want your brand to have a handmade feel, a funky playful look, or you want something more timeless. And – you guessed it – search up those keywords! (ie: timeless design, hand lettering, groovy font, etc.)

Consider Your Audience

Pin 2–3 images that showcase your audience

The last category that I like my clients to cover is their audience. What do these people enjoy? What do they do in their day-to-day lives? If they’re outdoorsy, showcase an image that inspires you but shows your ideal clients hiking or spending a day at the beach. Being able to visualize your ideal client will help you see things from their perspective in new ways that could spark new ideas for both you and I as your designer.

Finish Up Your Brand Mood Board by Using Pinterest’s “More Ideas” Feature

Add more pins until you have about 20 pins and don’t go over 30 max!

Once you’ve covered each category with the recommended amount of pins, head to your Pinterest board to see everything you’ve added. Pinterest has a cool feature called “more ideas” that opens a new window with additional recommendations that fit the look of the boards you’ve created.

Click this tab and continue adding any images that inspire you until you have 20–30 total pins on your board. I typically suggest not going over 30 as your board can start to get watered down. Having too many images can result in a brand that feels inconsistent without any real direction, and no one wants that!

Need some inspo? Check out the KBD Mood Board that I’ve been adding to over the years.

What to Include in Your Brand’s Mood Board

Creating a Mood Board for Your Brand


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