If you’re a service provider or business owner looking to invest in your website, considering the copywriting for your website is just as important, if not more important than the design of your website – yeah, you heard me! And I’m the designer. Now, you’re likely thinking, okay, so what can a copywriter do that I can’t? Or, what is copywriting? 

Copywriters specialize in creating compelling, effective content. Copywriters have a deep understanding of language, tone, and messaging and work to make your website or marketing communicate your brand message clearly and persuasively. Copywriting also comes with a deep understanding of the importance of consistency in the language and tone throughout your website, as this is what allows you to build brand recognition and trust with your audience.

For copywriters, this is their full-time job! They’re the ones that keep up with the industry trends and consumer behavior. This knowledge allows them to adapt your website content to reflect any changes in the market, ensuring your message remains relevant and appealing.

By allowing a professional copywriter to handle the written content of your website, your web designer can collaborate with them to create a web home that sells your offering to your customers through an even more strategic visual approach should you opt to take it on yourself. The decision to hire out copywriting as well as website design can lead to a website that stands out on search engines through SEO and converts into more customers, giving you a high-quality result and increased revenue.

What’s the Difference Between Working with Kylie Buss Design and Outsourcing Copywriting?

As a brand and website design studio, I won’t be the first to say that this industry is similar to the industry of copywriting. We use a lot of the same strategic processes and tools to understand your audience and are ultimately working toward the same goal, but the similarities tend to end there.

Both of these skills are needed to create a cohesive website that resonates with your potential clients. Without words on your site, you wouldn’t sell anything after all. Oftentimes, copywriters have a deeper understanding of SEO optimization than your website designer, unless they offer SEO as an add-on service. Copywriters focus solely on your messaging to really spruce it up and help you stand out, while also addressing your customers’ needs and concerns to attract more engagement for your website. But where do I come in?

Opting for the Complimentary KBD Website Content Workbook

If you’re in the earlier stages of your business or don’t have the budget to invest in outsourcing your website copywriting, opting for my complimentary website content workbook is the right move for you.

The KBD Website Content Workbook is a complimentary piece of any website design project whether semi-custom or fully custom. With the workbook, every moving piece of your website is already laid out for you in an easily digestible format that allows you to brain dump your thoughts.

The pros of using this workbook? Since I’ll be working with you on the design and content for your website, the transition will be seamless, allowing you to convey a consistent brand message. The process will be efficient as possible since I’ve gone through it with many clients over the years. Rather than waiting for your copywriter to wrap up your content, we’d be able to hop from phase to phase without facing any potential obstacles.

The cons of not outsourcing your website copywriting? I am not a professional by any means. I took a copywriting class in college, but besides that, I’m not professionally trained in it! If conveying your message through words to get ultimate conversion and reach the top of the search engines is extremely important to you, outsourcing your website copywriting is the way to go.

So, how does the KBD Website Content Workbook actually work?

To help you fully understand how to use the workbook (a Notion portal!) I’ve recorded a Loom video walking through all “how to’s” and potential questions you may have.

When you fill out the Content Writing Workbook, I use your brain dump notes and answers to write out the copy for your website. It really is a magical process. As the strategist behind your brand, I have the unique insight to truly understanding your audience. And having your answers from your business perspective makes the writing process go a lot quicker on my end.

Whether you’re a brand and web client or a previous web client, I typically deliver the workbook around two weeks before our web project begins giving you plenty of time to get through everything. You’ll see the magic truly come together when you first receive your business’s website mockup. My web design process is unique and within the mockup, you’ll see every aspect of your future web home. From your logos, colors, fonts, suggested image placements, and copy, your web mockup is essentially designed to be a non-functioning prototype of your website. 

Along with the mockup delivery, you’ll also receive a Content Doc that lists all your website’s copy featured in the mockup as a structured Google Doc. During our project, you’ll be able to review this doc and adjust wording to make your brand voice truly shine.

Within the workbook, I also provide you with a suggested timeline and checklist to help you stay on task to make the process as streamlined and user-friendly as possible.

The Choice to Outsource or Not is Up to You!

Ultimately the choice of whether to invest in a professional copywriter or opt for the complimentary website workbook depends solely on your business and your preferences. If you have the budget and want truly customized content that targets SEO, outsourcing is for you, and that’s great! Collaborating with copywriters is always fun and I look forward to it with every new project.

If you’re ready to create the website you’ve been dreaming of that will help your brand shine, fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch!

Outsourcing Copywriting for Your Website vs the KBD Website Content Workbook

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