At KBD, I’m committed to providing custom packages for businesses at every stage of their business journey and within every investment level. Our newest offering, Semi-Custom Web Design was designed to give you a way to work with my team to create the website for your business you’ve been dreaming of – on a more budget-friendly level and with a quicker turnaround. 

So – what’s the difference between a semi-custom site and fully custom website? Glad you asked!

Investing in a Fully Custom Website for Your Business

Having a fully custom website for your business has major advantages, no surprises there! The fully custom site package is perfect for you if you have a higher budget and are looking for a website that is truly custom to you and your business. To be considered, you must be willing to put in time to complete a few pre-project assignments and be as passionate about your brand as I will be of course!

What’s Included?

A fully custom site design includes a web strategy kick-off call where we discuss the goals of your site and work through an industry analysis. After discussing the game plan and any third-party integrations, I’ll work behind the scenes to create a strategically, beautifully designed site to help you stand out and attract more clients online.

Our Custom Website Design Packages include:

  • A web strategy call complete with an industry analysis
  • A choice of your preferred platform (Showit, Squarespace, or Shopify*)
  • A completely custom, responsive website
  • Basic SEO Setup and Image Alt Text
  • 5(+) uniquely designed pages
  • A custom links page
  • Website copywriting
  • Web launch tools including launch graphics, custom off-boarding training videos, and more

* Please note that Shopify sites are currently a beta offering and may have extended timelines!

Investing in a Semi-Custom Website for Your Business (Think Lower Budget, Quicker Launch!)

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?! The Semi-Custom Web package might give you shiny-object-syndrome at first, but I promise it’s magical.

This package is great for service-based business and clients with lower budgets, and quicker launches on the mind. The Semi-Custom Web process typically takes about 2 weeks with one week prior to our start date spent gathering all the info I’ll need to make your site the perfect digital home for you. If speed and affordability are your priorities, you’re in luck!

What’s Included?

“Semi-Custom” means that your site is just that… somewhat custom. I created two different website templates complete with streamlined processes for you to choose from. The basics of the web structure and flow are in place, but we’ll customize it to your brand by adding your photos, branding, and brand twist.

The Semi-Custom Website Design Packages includes:

Wondering which website package to choose?

The differences between a fully custom web and a semi-custom web vary from price, length of project, and customized pages.

But ultimately the choice between fully custom and semi-custom web design depends on your business needs, budget, and timeline. Both options guarantee a distinctive online presence that will work to attract ideal customers to your digital space.

Want a more strategic site with more brand personality? Opt for the Fully Custom Service.

Need something quick and have a tight budget? Fill out the inquiry form to be the next KBD Semi-Custom Web client!

Investing in a Semi-Custom vs. Custom Website for Your Business

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