When I went full-time with my design business back in 2021, I knew I wanted to treat myself to a solo getaway, but kept putting it off. I’d make excuses and honestly, just let my anxiety and imposter syndrome get in the way. But 2024 was the year that I was bound to make it happen, and I did!

I was constantly looking for the “perfect” time to treat myself, but as many busy business owners know, something almost ALWAYS comes up. Projects, admin tasks, getting a puppy, creating content, getting engaged… The reality is, if you don’t prioritize something it will almost never happen as a business owner.

The Time is NOW

These past few months have been SUPER busy. I’m in the midst of planning my fiancé and I’s June wedding pretty much on my own, and I’ve been working on some pretty big projects behind the scenes.

I was honestly really stressed and overwhelmed with entrepreneurship, contract work, and wedding planning and knew I needed to have a little escape to treat myself to something special. I absolutely love my dog and fiancé more than anythign in the world, but sometimes you just need a little alone time, ya know? And as an entrepreneur, a business retreat was just what I needed to find and spark back after a period of creative drought.

So where did I go on my business retreat?

After some research, I fount a quaint little space on a lake in Northern Michigan that was everything I dreamed of it being. It was designed really well with colors, patterns, and furnishings that inspired me (a must when I book an Airbnb) and right on the water with tons of windows to spend my days gazing at the frozen lake.

With it being my first-ever business retreat and solo at that, I wanted it to be close to home for the sake of comfort and familiarity, but far enough that I could truly escape and this space did just that.

The Retreat of My Dreams

I’m happy to report that the retreat has HAPPENED and it was everything I dreamed of! I came back feeling inspired, relaxed, and refreshed. I had a ton of plans and things I hoped to accomplish and didn’t get them all done, but stepping away from my usual environment and routine truly allowed me to understand where I was feeling stuck within my business and with my goals.

A little over a month after the retreat, I’m still thinking about it and daydreaming about when I can do it again. I truly accomplished so much, but also didn’t(?) at the same time, and I’m okay with that! I went in with a to-do list, but one of my top goals for the getaway was to just do what felt right in the moment, and that’s what I did.

Without Further Ado… Here’s What I Accomplished on my Business Retreat:

  • Completed a site audit on the KBD side
  • Updated my portfolio pages and blog
  • Refreshed some of my own brand assets
  • Completed a punch needle kit
  • Ate my pasta from my favorite local restaurant
  • Finished my fifth rewath of Bridgerton
  • Gazed out the window at the lake pretty much the entire time
  • Now for what I didn’t do that I had originally planned to…
    • Stay off Instagram
    • Read a ton on my Kindle
    • Go to bed early (my best inspo always comes to me after bed time)

Thinking of Planning Your Own Solo Business Retreat?

Here are some things I recommend that will allow you to have a relaxing BUT productive business retreat:

1. Find a stay that fits your vibe

Looking for a space that truly inspires you? Find a place that’s clean and has good views with an excellent internet connection. Bonus points if the aesthetic is “on-brand” for your biz! If you’re nervous about your first solo trip, do something a little closer to home if you can.

2. Make a meal plan

This one might make you be like… “uh, okay?” but trust me on this. When I’m in the zone, thinking of what I’m going to eat for every meal is the last thing I want to spend my time doing. Having groceries on hand and easy-to-make (but still nutritious!) meals was super beneficial for me. When you make your grocery list, don’t forget some yummy snacks and your favorite wine!

3. Make a list of what you plan to accomplish, but be okay if it doesn’t all get done

With the retreat I wanted to get a lot done, but as it got closer I thought to myself, “you know? I think I’d like to just relax…” What a concept, right?!

Like I mentioned earlier, I had a giant to-do list for the retreat and only accomplished about 60% of it, but that’s better than nothing! I spent the rest of the time doing activities that I hadn’t had time to do in awhile and that was exactly what I needed. To listen to my heart and my body and not the expectation of being productive just because it’s a “business retreat.”

Enjoyed this story time of my first solo business retreat?

If you’re a business owner, I HIGHLY recommend treating yourself to a business retreat – whether with some pals or solo! And follow along to find out where I go for the next KBD business retreat!

Recapping My First Solo Business Retreat as a Business Owner

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