Rachel is Rachel Betson Photography is a wedding photographer serving kindhearted and free-spirited couples in the greater Philadelphia area. As an experienced and artful photographer, she captures the truest, most authentic moments of joy between couples, providing trust and lasting friendship along the way.

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The Goal:

When Rachel first inquired, she was feeling misaligned with her DIY’d branding and Squarespace website. She was pivoting her services to be more of a wedding photographer as opposed to focusingo n both families and weddings, and didn’t know how to portray that through her brand’s visuals.

In order to help her feel more aligned and confident as she pivoted her business, we worked through the strategy together to really understand the differences between the families she photographs and the couples she wants to attract.

We ended up creating a beautiful, elegant, and light brand that complements her work at a first glance and leaves potential leads saying “YES” in no time.

brand before working together (left) and after (right)

With this project, we really wanted approachability, friendship, warmth, and joy to shine through. Rachel is super kind and typically ends up becoming friends with almost all her clients, so connection was something that was extremeley imporant to her.

You’ll see with a closer look that her brand has ties into these aspects, especially with warmth and connection. We opted to use warmer tones for the main color palette, but still with a fresh approach as to let her photography shine through. With her logomarks, you’ll notice little elements that overlap and intetwine, a great callback to that “connection” aspect without overdoing it.

This project ended up being one of my favorites to date, a fresh and subtly colorful brand that doesn’t overdo it. Most of that was in thanks to Rachel for working so hard behind the scenes and being just as passionate about the project as I was.

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View the Project On the Portfolio

Project Showcase: A Bright and Fresh Look for Rachel, a Philly Wedding Photographer

Responsive website design for wedding photographer


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